Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Power of Yet Bulletin Board

I finally made a bulletin board to go with my "The Power of Yet" Growth Mindset theme! 

Creating a Growth Mindset culture and community isn't hard to do. Growth Mindset describes a way of viewing challenges and setbacks. When your students understand that their abilities, skills and talents can be nurtured and their goals achieved with hard work, grit and determination, they’ll begin to see their “failures” as a small detour and an opportunity for continued learning. 

I start off the year reading these books:

Then we have a morning meeting share following this prompt:

Here are the answers I got this year:

1. Ride a two-wheeler.
2. Make toast for my grandmom.
3. Read Piggie and Elephant by myself.
4. Wash my own hair.
5. Go to sleep away camp.
6. Play in my backyard without my big sister there to bug me.
7. Blow my nose.
8. Fly to Arizona by myself to meet Auntie Kim.
9. Make a Fortune Teller.
10. Tie my shoes. 
11. Take off my training wheels. (7 kids said this!)
12. Put the bait on the hook.

It was a long share but so worth it!  The discussion was great as to WHY they could now do these things. Words learned:


By the end of September, I no longer hear frustrated students saying," I can't do it" but instead, "I can't do it YET."  I feel like my First Graders are ready to tackle anything and everything with a new sense of determination.

If you are interested in this Bulletin Board display, you can find it in my store. Click on pic if interested.

Do you know of any other books you could recommend to me on The Power of Yet theme? I'm always looking for new books. Drop me a title or two below if you can. Thanks!

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