Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Perfect Science/ELA/CARES Book

Anytime I find a quality science picture book that I can immediately use and easily intergrate into my ELA lessons, I do a little happy dance! 

I was dancing last year at B&N when I discovered the perfect STEM / STEAM / COOPERATION / TEAMWORK Strong Female characters book...  (REALLY!)

Boxitects!  It's written and illustrated by Kim Smith. After reading it in the store, I had to buy my own copy.

Yep!  One of those must-have books!  

A little bit about the book:

Meg, the Boxitect, goes off to Maker School. She's quite the creative girl! ⁣

She loves meeting all the Blanketeers, Tin-Foilers, and Egg-Cartoners (Tee hee hee!) who admire her over-the-top creations. 

She was the only Boxitect in class until...⁣ Simone shows up. Another Boxitect.

You know what's going to happen next!  Luckily for teachers, this book is the perfect springborad for discussing TEAMWORK and COOPERATION without being didactic. A fun read! 

(We teach CARES at our school and this is the perfect book to jump into a Cooperation Unit.  Read my top 3 CARES books in each category here.

Over the summer, I made a packet to go along with Boxitects becuase I knew I HAD to do a unit with my kiddos when I returned.  (Not sure when that will be!)  

Since Teamwork and Cooperation are highlighted, I made this cute craft with writing prompt activity to go along with the book. The prompt fits perfectly under the box. Print on white paper and have kids color in or print on colored paper.
Differentiate these activities. Most kids in my First Grade class would use plain paper to complete these tasks but I have a few who would be able to fold the 3D papers (included) and create.

I use Poetry Binders so I had to add a poem!  Never having enough bookmarks, I focused on teamwork and cooperation here.  Black and white included.

Take a peek at the family letter below.  I would send this home on a Thursday (for Monday return) after I have made it clear that ONLY boxes that fit inside backpacks can come in to school.  

These are perfect to use, too!  The kids always floor me with responses!  A time for them to "Show What They Know" for sure!

Do I ever miss an opportunity to get a little phonics in?


This can easily be used throughout the year as you differentiate for your class.

If you haven't read it, reserve in the library. You'll be glad you did!


Friday, September 25, 2020

Distance Learning: Sending Home My Products

I've been recovering from surgery this last month but wanted to jump on and let you know that I just got an email from a 1/2 teacher asking if she could share this with families via email since they are remote.

She especially wanted the clipcards and craft to send home today.

I told her she can send home all 89 pages if she wants!

ANYTHING you've purchased from my store can be shared via email with your families during remote learning.


These are such difficult times and if I can make your life easier, I'm thrilled to do it.

Hope your year is off to a smooth start.