Wednesday, April 8, 2020

SIMPLE Craft and Free Poem

When my kids were little, they LOVED Easter!  It was a pretty big deal and always involved crafts and creative baskets.  This year, for so many, Easter will be different. 

But it can still be fun. 

Here are two fun activities I've always used with my own kids and maybe you can use as well.

First up:

Get moving with this free poem.  Who doesn't love doing The Bunny Hokey Pokey?  You can download by clicking on the pic above.

And this simple craft:

We used stickers and paper towel holders to make napkin/utensil holders for Easter Dinner.  I'm sure I can find some old pics showing us making using these.  Honestly, at least 17-18 years ago!  How crazy is that?  They looked adorable placed across the plates.

TBH, I think they'd be even cuter if you used toilet paper cardboard and had the napkins sticking out.

Here's hoping your Easter is a safe one and involves at least a little bit of chocolate!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Stressful Times for ALL

I officially started self-isolating on March 1 because I needed major surgery on April 1.  Wanted to be as healthy as possible.  Of course that surgery was cancelled and not sure when it will be rescheduled...luckily, not a life-threatening situation. (But it is a quality of life issue!)

So when the real NJ lock down came mid-March, I was all in and determined to keep my family in my safe bubble and avoid the virus at all costs.  (NOTE: Daughter who lives in NY had Coronovirus but is now fine, thank God.)

So, ready and willing to settle in, I was thrown a curve ball.  Two days before the mandated lockdown, I had my yearly mammogram.  First since my Uterine Cancer last year.  Naturally nervous.  MAJOR...

Then I got a call back and had to wait five days for that appointment. I was so nervous and living off tea for the first few days.  (So glad I froze a ton of milk so I'd have it!)

Then at call back, told I needed to have a biopsy.  Had to find and schedule a consult and a biopsy at a time when so much was closed and I was terrified of going out and catching the virus.  This was the official beginning of mandated distancing in NJ.

Needless to say, I graduated to

Seriously, my sister sent me a bottle of Hendrick's when she knew I had limes and was stressed.  Who doesn't love a good Gin & Tonic.  (Thanks, Karen!)

I am fine.  NO CANCER.  Got results yesterday...a week since biopsy and three weeks since my consult.

So I have been extra stressed.  But came out the other side.

So why am I writing this?

Because I know some of you MUST go out to appointments or have been told you need a biopsy and have put it off.

Listen, I totally understand.  But, I couldn't put off.  I'm glad I didn't and wanted to share what precautions the office put in place.  And, if your doctor is open but you haven't had the biopsy you need because you're terrified of the virus, maybe, just maybe, what I say here will help you at least have a conversation with your doctor's office.  (I am just so grateful they stayed open!)  NOTE: My county certainly has confirmed cases but we are WAY lower than the counties you see on news each evening.  So that helped with my decision too.

The day before my appointments, they did call me to see if I had any symptoms.  I was happy they called and she did say one person cancelled who felt she might have been exposed.  I was grateful for the calls.

When I went to the consult, I made my husband stay in the car.  No need for both of us to potentially be exposed.  (Next time I visited, told no one else allowed up besides patient.)

One couple in waiting room.  Besides Hand Sanitizer, and all of the staff wearing masks, that was it.

I had wipes with me and didn't touch anything except I had to lie down. Even brought my own pen.

Biopsy two weeks later:  Got call and they assured me they spaced out appointments (only two that day) and said it would be essential staff only.  They assured me that no one else would be there.  Less people means less of a chance of germs, obviously.

Bringing nothing but myself and a pen in my pocket, the parking lot was empty, nurse at OPEN door covered head to toe.  Got a mask and went up stairs (open door) without touching anything.  Door to office was open too.  Again, no need to touch anything. Place empty.  Taken right in for biopsy and only technician and Dr. were there along with the receptionist.  All covered head to toe.

They were wonderful and while I am a worrier by nature, I did feel like everything was sanitized and safe especially when they told me how they sanitize and filled me in on other things as well.  (They even scheduled so I was only one using the table needed for my type of biopsy that day.) Forty-five minutes later, I was finished.

But how safe are we from a virus you can't see?

Originally, I was told all results were in person but at my biopsy, they told me I'd be face-timed which I so appreciated.

So, it's been a week since my biopsy, I got good results, and have no symptoms of the virus.

I wasn't able to shower when I returned because of bandages but I immediately changed and scrubbed myself clean.

I made it through a scary period.  Such a crazy amount of extra stress.

I wanted to share in case YOU need to have a procedure done and are stressing.  Whether you have it is up to you but I wanted to share my experience.  My doctor's office was amazing and so careful.  What you'd EXPECT them to be.

Not all places are open but I'm glad they were.  If you are needing to go get a possible life altering (cancer) procedure done and you're doctor is still working, have that conversation with them.  Try to get the first appointment of the day if you decide to do through with it.

And keep in mind that these brave Drs. and Nurses and Office Staff are AFRAID too.  They want to be safe for themselves and their families so they are going above and beyond to keep things safe for EVERYONE. All of them heroes.

Be safe.  Stay safe.