Saturday, May 14, 2016

Already Looking NEXT September (And a FUN FREEBIE!)

I know, I know...I still have five weeks left of THIS school year.  But I just can't help myself! 

I'm already thinking about my classroom next year.  

I've been getting out my go-to/must-have September activities like poems for binders and my Math Open-Ended Question booklets.  Are copies made already and tucked away?  Yep.  

A lovely office helper had extra time so she made lots of copies for me so far.  (Rocket Math, BTSN Materials, etc.)  Jumping the gun? Nah.  Just getting prepared.  It helps take away some stress in August/September so and I can concentrate more on the teaching part of teaching instead of the time suck of prepping and wrestling with the copy machine.  

I hope to have my must-haves copied through November by the the end of school this year. Wish me luck!

Now it's time to select ten projects I'm going to work on that I saw on Pinterest.  I've selected one so far. See these chairs?  I have six of them now and have created little seating nooks:

I want to transform them to something amazing and will use this lovely chair I saw on Pinterest as my inspiration!  (I tried to link it to site it came from to give credit but it says Account Frozen.  I will check back and link if it gets fixed.)

                                                                 Isn't is adorable?

I just finished a Freebie product for September/October: Word Wizard Make-a-Words! 

They are the perfect way to teach and reinforce sound/letter combinations.  

It's a FUN and EFFECTIVE activity that my students look forward to each week.  I hope you can use the packet and maybe even start YOUR OWN SEPTEMBER 2015 FILE NOW!  It's never too early! Enjoy!!

Have a great weekend!!!