Monday, March 26, 2018

The Bunny Hokey Pokey

We had to make up a snow day today...what would have been our first day of spring break.  At least they turned it into an early release day.  Not bad!  It gave me a chance to add another poem to the kids' binder and dance...or hop...a bit!

Hope you can use it!  Enjoy!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Beginning Story Problems (Freebie!)

Years ago, I used to teach word problems all in one unit in the latter part of the school year.  Times have changed.  I start them with my First Graders in September and continue to introduce more complex ones as the year goes on.  Obviously, it's the way to go judging by the results.

I've created (at the request of my sister who teachers Kindergarten) some First Steps Word/Story Problems that don't have too many words.  Although I made them for her, I've realized how helpful they are for my students as well.

Here is a Freebie for you:

This is just a sample of the product in my store but it does have TWO addition books to 10.  Same books except one has a number line to challenge those who are ready.  I have my kids check their work by using number line.

I have a Garden theme set too! The three books included are: In the Garden, My Fruit Garden, and Garden Guests.  (Six books total: 3 without and 3 with number lines.)

Since my sister in working on a Transportation and Beach 
theme soon, I just finished these for her.


Here's a money-saving bundle!

I hope you are enjoying these first few days of spring!  (As the snow melts outside my house!)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Read Across America Fun

Here are a few Dr. Seuss Freebies to celebrate Read Across America!  Have fun with the kids today!

There are 3 quotes you can download.

Not my finest work but kids enjoy singing it!

Have you used this App before?  FUN!!!  I bought it about 4 years ago and use it every year.

Just one of the pics you can make!  I let kids choose/design own pic.