Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wait Time and a Fun Way to Call on Kids

I've worked hard on giving kids more wait time after I ask a question.  Did you know that just giving kids THREE extra seconds increases not only the amount of quality responses you'll get, it also boosts their confidence?  Of course you knew that!  :)  I watched a video once where the teacher started out each question with a child's name: Lisa, what is 4+4?  Ugh!  The rest of the kids got a free pass.  This was a ten minute lesson and she did it every single time.  Eek!  I posted about effective questioning a while back in my post about the book  Teach Like a Champion.  I so love that book! The No-Opt Out Method was one I implemented immediately and I've been a believer ever since.

I try to use a 50/50 combination of having kids raise hands and calling on them randomly.  My go to random method has been sticks in a jar.  But now...I finally downloaded the above app to change it up and inject some more fun into our day.  (I paid for it. The free ones I found weren't quite right/had too many ads, etc.)  I can't wait to use it tomorrow.  The kids will love it!

TIP: My Math Supervisor gave me this great tip a few years ago.  In case you haven't heard it, here it is and it does make a difference:  Instead of having kids raise their hands (where everyone else can see who knows- and doesn't know an answer) have them put hand on heart, give you the peace sign in front of chest, thumbs up, etc.  Much less intimidating for those that don't know the answer or are often stuck.  (I use on carpet when all facing me so they really can't see if most of their friends know the answer.)

Do you use a random generator?  If you know of an awesome free app like the one above, please leave me a note so others can see.  (Always good to save some money!)

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Visit from TpT Headquarters

Many months ago, TpT asked for volunteers to host TpT employees in our classrooms. I was contacted a few weeks ago and Michael spent half the day with us last week!

He brought me some cool TpT Swag!  Thank you!
TpT requires that every staff member visits a classroom each year so they can be exposed (if never a teacher) or reminded (if previously taught) of what it’s like to teach all day AND then go home and create materials for our classes/stores. After the visit, they ask employees to report back to their entire staff so they can get a feeling of how truly vast and diverse our schools are and to emphasize/reinforce there is no “one size fits all” approach to teaching, problem solving, etc. 

Michael joined us for Morning Meeting (where he actually won our POP Game!), math (where we were making combinations of 10 with Head/Tails Penny Toss) and Reading Workshop where he listened to lots of kids read to him. He was very hands on and the kids loved him!    A success!!

On to my personal life... Anyone else have a HH Senior out there?  Sniff, sniff! I just went through all of this two years ago with Sarah but I'm back in Senior mode with college visits and applications, getting ads for Soccer Media Guides and Yearbooks ready and trying to come to terms with my baby graduating this year! How did they get THAT old?  How did I?

It goes by way too fast, doesn't it?