Saturday, March 23, 2019

Freebie and Updated Products

I know there are so many I Have, Who Has products out there but I just have to say how much I LOVE my long and short vowel games.  They come with the game and a Read the Room Activity. 

I updated all of my packets with new clip art and fonts and I love them even more. 

TIP: I used to get so frustrated playing the game but not this old blog post to see how the execution finally is 100% perfect!


Would you like the above Long U packet for your sweet students?  
Leave your email here and I'll gladly send it to you!  Isn't the clip art adorable?

Each pack is $3.00 but I have a great bundle to check out if interested. There is a short vowel bundle and a long vowel bundle (for $12 each so it's getting ONE free in each packet!) and then one with all of them that I'm showing you below.  At $21, that makes each one only $2.10.  You're getting 
3 packets for FREE in this mega bundle!

Have a lovely day!