Saturday, November 7, 2015

SAT Humor

My son is taking the test as I write this. I'm 150 miles away and wanted to be sure he had everything set last night.  "Get out your calculator, ID and ticket." He texted me this pic.  At first, I almost flipped out when I saw that calculator in the tiny text...

Until I enlarged pic...Then I couldn't stop laughing.  
That's his third grade ID.  :)

Side note: See my lovely granite counter?  Well, it's a fake!  It was white Formica a few years ago until I bought a kit and "turned it into" GRANITE!  Unless you touch it, you can't tell!  Even the town assessor marked it as such until I told him it wasn't.  Not bad for $149 for my entire kitchen counters!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Freebie: Thanksgiving Quick Write

Although I didn't take pics yesterday, this simple activity introduced my Firsties to using commas in a series and turned out adorable.  

After I modeled using this prompt, we brainstormed what we were thankful for.  Answers ranged from the color purple to popcorn to family.  My own answer was pre-made using AND between everything.  Then I rewrote deleting all my "ands" and inserting commas instead.

Cute results.

Once they got their paper to write, it took them 15 minutes from start to finish which included illustrating.  Honestly, so cute and they look great hanging up.  (I mounted on green paper.)  When I return to school on Monday, I'll snap some pics.

I hope you can use the freebie!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

DST Freebie (Open-Ended Question)

Anyone else simply stressed beyond belief?  Raise your hand!  Am I alone?


Daylight Savings Time does give me an extra hour which is good. It will allow me to start walking outside in the morning again since it will be lighter earlier.


I need to walk.

Anyhoo, maybe you can use this with your kids tomorrow?  I hope so.

I saw this up at our sister school...isn't it lovely?  The art teacher, Ellen, is simply AMAZING!  All of her displays look like they could be in Macy's window at Christmas. Her school is HUGE yet she manages to plaster walls/displays with such creative artwork.  This was mostly her work but I'll take pics of the kids' work soon.  It always knocks my socks off!  Kids and teachers love her!  They are surrounded by beauty throughout the wonder!

Here is to a stress-free Monday.  Fingers crossed!