Saturday, June 16, 2018

Shark Lady: A Must Read

My husband (K-5 Media Specialist) always passes the best books on to my class.  Lucky me! I read Shark Lady, a biography of Eugenie Clark, a few days ago and my kids LOVED IT!  Honestly, I think it was one of my favorite books I shared with my class this year.

The story starts off with Eugenie visiting an aquarium....from that point on, Eugenie declared she wanted to be a zoologist despite everyone telling her to "Be a secretary!  Be a housewife!"  Eugenie is a strong role-model who is brave, tenacious, and bold!  She sets out to prove that sharks aren't the mindless killers people think they are and even is able to train sharks!  

It's well-written, flows effortlessly, and is a vibrant book on all fronts.  To me, it's on my MUST-READ list and should be on yours as well.  

Here's a trailer I found:

Click on pic if you would like to see this:

If you loved this book, another must-read book is...

What do they have in common?  They women were BOLD, BRAVE, STUBBORN and SMART (From Thank You, Sarah.)  Even though technically a Thanksgiving Book, please read it as soon as you discover it.  Truly a wonderful book on so many levels.  I do have a tiny packet that supports this book. (if needed.)

Happy reading!