Saturday, January 20, 2024

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Craft

Are you short on time and a little patience this time of year?  I am! There is so much I want to squeeze in to create those special memories in First Grade.  My class loves crafts.  But some take soooooo long and need so much direction from me.  So, I created one that can be done quickly and independently (When I'm meeting with Reading Groups) in about 30 minutes.

Cute? I think so!

There aren't that many pieces to copy and hand out.  Yea! And it can be used again for other holidays! That is what I love most! 

I wanted to make a visual for myself to think about all other color possibilities. Possibilities are endless.

I try to include a simple coloring page for really busy teachers and to let my students take home and give to siblings.  That's always fun!

Quick question: What do you use for Valentine's "collecting" in your classroom?  I know some teachers have kids make bags. I send home this Make a Valentine Box at Home letter with my students. I love seeing what they create at home with their families.  Grab the letter if you want!


Here's a Valentine's Day Clear the Board game that's free, too.  Fun to play! 

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!  If you want to see my two favorite books to read this time a year and a must-watch quick video/song with a powerful message, click on links!

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Day  and the awesome LifeVest Video.


Sunday, January 14, 2024

Birthday Celebrations in the Classroom (Update)

This is an update to the post Birthday Celebrations in the Classroom.

What's different?


They are so stinkin' cute though, aren't they?

Then why did I stop this year? My class was taking FOREVER (and a day!) to make them.  Seriously!  

Our schedule is SO TIGHT this year (don't get me started!) and all the kids were taking WAY more than the 15 minutes "Do-Now" time. I mean WAYYYYYY more than 15 minutes.  Heck, some kids are still making a card from October as I write this...

Seriously, it became a huge time suck and I found myself getting agitated.


What do I do now?  

Yep. That's what they get. Nothing fancy, I know. (They still do other things in the original post. This replaces cards.)

What do they think? They LOVE IT! They get to take it home and hang up in their room.

What do I think? I LOVE it because kids can sign name and draw a small pic if they want throughout the day and it doesn't take up really any time since kids sign during "down times."

Note: 3/4 of my class took F-O-R-E-V-E-R. The other ones took about 2.2 seconds and Id have to remind them to put in effort, etc. Their final card never changed much. So, this change, for me, was a "good for all" change.

Honestly, I sort of feel like the Birthday Scrooge by not allowing them to make cards but it works,  For me.  What works for you?  I'd honestly love to know!