Monday, November 27, 2017

What's in Your Cart?

Hi there!  Happy TpT sale day!  I've been busy filling up my cart- mostly of clipart that I can't live without!  Also looking at some STEAM activities.  My kids get so excited when I tell them it's Science time.

To celebrate the sale, my store is not only on sale for 20% off plus the 5% off from TpT, but I want to offer my BLOG READERS a freebie that you get to pick out if you shop my store.

That's right: buy anything in my store during the sale and PICK OUT A BOOK-IT for free.  So many to select from!  Just email me or leave a message here with the one you want.  I'll verify your purchase and then send you the Book-It.

Here's what I've been working on to get ready ready for the sale:

First up: I updated my How-To and All About Writing papers.  The update was long overdue!

I have them bundled, too!

I also finally finished an ELA/Math packet for Mother Bruce!  LOVE the book!  Seriously one of my new favorites!  The packet also includes a PowerPoint on migration.  Ryan T. Higgins has written and illustrated TWO sequels and the Response Sheets in my packet are good for all three!  Kids simply circle the title of the book at the top that they are responding to.  Easy Breezy lemon squeezy!

So much is included in this packet!  

Have a great day!  Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

SAVE THIS: MRSA, Skin Infections, Essential Oils

Hi there!  Edited this post a little to leave out names!  :)

A close friend came down with MRSA.


Big Time.

Seriously.  A lot of people don't seem to quite grasp the seriousness of it or have even heard of it.  (Example of how serious it can be:  Two years ago, a New York Giants player contracted MRSA.  It was career-ending and they contemplated amputation of his lower leg because the infection was...well, you can only imagine.)

I'm not going to go into the whole MRSA thing because you can Google and look it up.  But what I am going to do is tell you what happened to my friend, worked for her, and has continued to work in fighting it.  (Eliminating it?)

A timeline that's important: She got a boil on her thigh. Two summer's ago.  Painful.  Hot.  Red.  Warm compressions, soaks, etc.  Didn't go to Dr. at the time.

A few months later, another boil.

A month later: Called me to say her elbow was really red.  Next day, a smallish "pimple" on KNEE looked infected.  She is not a pimply person and before this, never had boils or funky stuff.

Turns out she was diagnosed with Cellulitis which is a soft tissue infection.  Meds.  She was okay.  Drs. at the hospital felt that she might have cut herself shaving, entered in knee and traveled up to elbow.  Odd.

Two weeks later, at her Drs. appointment, her doctor recommended HIBICLENS to use 1-2 times a week.   After her reviews and researching it, I got some. Love this stuff.  Research.  I will never be without it in house and you shouldn't either.  (Must get foaming pump with it!)

Few months later:  ANOTHER Boil.  So painful she couldn't walk.  Had to have it lanced.  They didn't swab it.  Looking back, they should have.

Fast forward to 6 months later: a normal INVISIBLE spot on forehead started to bother her.  Monday morning, she felt like it was below the skin.  Maybe a TINY pimple she said.

By Wednesday, full blown BOIL that was so big, her eye was closing.  Emergency room didn't do a thing.  She found a great Dermatologist who took her right away when she said it was size of a golfball (!)  and an hour later, lanced and LOOKED fine.  Amazing how she looked!  A tiny scratch.  This Dr. swabbed it and said by looking at it and hearing about her boils/cellulitis, etc.,  she felt confident it was MRSA.

It was.

Test results came back positive.

The Dr. seemed like it wasn't a big deal but my friend wasn't taking any chances.  She had a special cream she had to use in MRSA-friendly body places and that was it.  (Now she puts the Hibiclens in those same spots once a week,)

After researching how MRSA can make tunnels under the skin (She thinks that was happening on boils) she knew she had to do something and I was happy to research for her.

NOTE: As scary as it was, after Googling and seeing IMAGES of MRSA infections, I knew hers was pretty "mild" but the pics of what could be scared the heck out of me.  Google MRSA images at own risk.

I researched essential oils and came up with an Essential Oil recipe that I swear has been a miracle. FOR ANY SKIN INFECTION.  Seriously, over the last year, I cannot tell you how many people have used the spray for ALL SORTS of skin problems and it's cleared them up.  Friend has had a few hard "spots" appear and taking no chances, she sprays them and they are gone the next day.

I will never be without the following recipe:

In a small SPRAY bottle  (Not a roll on since it's used for infections and you don't want to share roll-ons) I added 20 drops of each of the following:

Lavender, Tea Tree, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Thyme, Oregano, Thieves, RC, and topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil (No smell!), shake gently and spray directly on area when needed.

In the last two weeks, it has cleared up a friend's infected fingernail, boils on my colleague's 15 YO son who wrestles. eczema on my niece, and used on a friend's nasty scrape from falling off a bike.  (Not infected but probably would have been!)

The oregano, lemongrass and Thyme are HUGE anti-bacterial oils. (I finally understood Perdue Chicken commercial: "We don't use antibiotics on are chickens.  Instead, we feed them oregano.")  Everyone knows about the benefits of Tree Tee.  All the oils above are awesome!  Together, they really work well.  THIEVES is probably best known oil.  Research it!

I also read that you should diffuse with above oils (minus the coconut oil) on a regular basis and my friend has gently swabbed nose area too as that's where lots of MRSA colonize.

We used Young Living Oils but as long as it's 100% oils with nothing added, you should have same results.  (Eden's Garden?  doTerra?) I wouldn't buy supermarket ones but I would buy from any of the trusted companies out there.  I'm sure there are a lot more companies out there that are awesome that I'm just not aware of.

If you are still reading, we also learned about the amazing healing powers of MANUKA Honey.  Look it up.  If someone has a wound that isn't healing (diabetics, MRSA patients) buy some of this.  I spent $45 on a smallish jar and have it on hand "just in case" for my family.  Seriously, look up MANUKA honey.  Amazing.  I used it on a sore throat for a few days and loved it.

NOTE:  I've been using oils for about two years now.  My family, in the beginning, didn't buy too much  into them.  Now?  Let's just say they are all believers. (My husband gets terrible poison ivy.  Nothing stops it except this combination of oils someone made for him. )  OILS mentioned above should be RESEARCHED before used.  Oils are STRONG and ones like OREGANO above can be dangerous on kids.  A little goes a long way.  (Please research oils!  PLEASE!  For example, if you get oil in eyes, NO RINSING WITH WATER!  Some oils are PHOTOSENSITIVE too.  You can get a TERRIBLE burn if you have them on in the sun.

NOTE: When I first used Peppermint oil, I applied it to my rash I had from an allergic reaction to meds.  My itching was intense and the Peppermint oil was INSTANT RELIEF.  I loved the smell and cool sensation.  I used it for 5 days straight and without mixing with a carrier oil.  On the sixth day,  I could feel my skin burning inside. Like a terrible sunburn inside my legs.  I didn't know I was supposed to add a carrier oil and called my friend who promptly informed me.   I immediately went to store and slathered it on and (I use coconut oil) the burning instantly stopped.  That's why I urge you to research first and proceed with caution.  I seriously could have had serious burns and damaged some organs if I kept slathering it on my legs and used on torso where itching was just starting.

Don't let the above story scare you off.  Just EDUCATE yourself and you'll be fine.

NOTE: Lots of people I know INGEST oils in capsules or add to tea.  NOT ME.  Never.  After researching, this isn't something I want to take a chance on at all.

I hope you never need this information or spray but if you find yourself with a nagging skin infection or something more serious, know there is help.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

What's that Greenish, Ghoulish Glow?

We finally made Jasper from
 Creepy Pair of Underwear!

Aren't they adorable?

We had a blast making them while listening to WEE SING Halloween on Spotify!  A must!

Right in the middle of making Jasper, I spotted a GHOULISH, GREENISH, GLOW coming from 
under the desks.  No...REALLY!

(Who knew there was not REMOTE CONTROLLED sneakers that changed colors with the press of a button!  Could my little one have planned her sneaker choice any better that day?  I think not!

I have a little writing assignment to go along with this craft and I took a picture of a few of the responses:

Other popular responses:  Taking a shower instead of a bath, swallowing a pill instead of getting it crushed in applesauce, and using the microwave.  I would have snapped a few more pics of responses but I was out of space on my phone.  AGAIN!  UGH!  

Check out my packet if interested in making Jasper and doing some activities to go along with the FABO book!  I've read it to my class four times already!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Boo to You!

Enjoy this clip art Freebie!! 
I cannot believe October is just a few days away!  Now THAT'S SCARY!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Creepy Pair of Underwear Fun!

I cannot tell you how much I love Aaron Reynold's and Peter Brown's book, A Creepy Pair of Underwear!  So much fun! The illustrations (Peter Brown) crack me up.  It's a companion book to the Caldecott Honor book, Creepy Carrots, which my kiddos love as much as I do!  There should be a HEE HEE Award! This is totally worthy!  There are a few readings on YouTube.  I love the "creepy" one above!  FUN!

It's a companion book to Creepy Carrots.  Lots of time the second book doesn't quite live up to expectations but this one was spot on.  I've read it to some little ones (not my class...waiting a few weeks) and they rolled around belly laughing.  LOVED IT!  It's going to be THE OCTOBER BOOK this year although you can read it anytime.  Trust me, you'll be rereading to your kids throughout the year.

I made a packet (80 pages of ELA/MATH) that's available here if you want to check it out.  It's on sale for the next 48 hours so grab it on sale if interested.  It includes a a Jasper and underwear craft above with a cute writing activity.  (Jasper's not a little bunny more. I"m growing up. too!  I can...) The ones above were done by my friend's third grade class as she already shared the book. She didn't yet send me her bulletin board pics with the writing attached but I'm eager to see it!

Here are preview pages:

I cannot wait to share it with my class!  Speaking of my Fabo Firsties, I am thrilled with my class! What sweet kids!  It's only been a week but they are caring, work well together, work hard, and laugh at all my jokes!  Really sweeties!  My day flies by so you know it's a great group!

Have a great week, everyone!  No, have a CREEPY, FUN week!  :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pockets Empty from Sale? Try these Freebies!

With my first school paycheck 6 weeks away (I don't go back until September 5!) I'm not buying anything more for my classroom. I hit up the Dollar Spot at Target and loaded my cart for the TpT Sale.  Good bargains!  But the money has run out for me so I am assuming it might have for you too!

Here are some Freebies to get you through!  Hope they can meet your needs!  

First up:  September Poems.  There are enough here to last you the month!  You'll see lots of September topics included here!  I use them in Poetry Binders and give a new one almost daily. Great for Daily 5!  I send home binders for fluency practice once a week.

Next I have my Make-a-Word September/October Packet for you!  If you haven't used these, please do!  Your kids will thank you!  By cutting out the pieces and moving them around, the kids can see the patterns and make lots of words.

I do these whole-class in September and then include it in my reading centers.  In October, we usually do a few words together and see what we notice about the letters.  

I try to include an "S" whenever possible so they can make plurals. They quickly learn that concept! Also, when we start Words Their Way, the kids are quite good at looking for their letter combinations of the week. 

By the middle of the year, I have several kids making 100 words per sheet! Amazing!  

TIP:  When class is working on these, I often stop and ask, "Who has a great word they want to share with the rest of us?"  I usually pick a few kids.  Each child will write the word they made on the board to SHARE with us which means everyone can copy it onto own page.

If you haven't tried one of my free Book-Its, please do!  

They consist of 3 activities related to featured book: Make-a-Word, Retelling (written and oral) and Pick-a-Prompt for writing.  I use one weekly and if I skip a week, I get lots of sour faces from my kiddos.  They are also GREAT to leave for a sub because it's over an hour delivery time.  Here are some free ones..go!

And after all these years, I still love Harry the Dirty Dog.  A true classic!

How my kids play together:  (I run two-sided so they will play 4 games total)

*Partners each get same sheet. (Can be same day or different day.)
*Each picks a word for Game 1. Player 1 says word, spells it, spells it again while writing it, and then says again. (Say, Spell, Spell, Say.)

*Player 2 does the same.

*Repeat until game over. Winner writes name on Winner line and then each gets opposite word for Game 2.

You can run double-sided (with same words or two new ones) and have kids play additional times. The games are quick (yet effective!) so many students love playing 4 games per sheet! They are also perfect for those extra few minutes here and there!

And finally, for today, some readers! Enjoy!

and see this post for my latest:

I'll be back next week with some math freebies!  Have a great day!