Sunday, March 28, 2021

Don't Hug Doug

Have you ever struggled with teaching your students to be assertive and wrestled with exactly how to tackle a tough topic like CONSENT on an age-appropriate level? Don't Hug Doug (He Doesn't Like It) is the PERFECT book for you! 

Do we need to be teaching little ones about CONSENT and setting boundaries?  Yep! The younger we introduce and teach them to protect themselves, the safer they are. This book is a natural springboard to follow up conversations involving good touch/bad touch. All children need to know that THEY have control and autonomy of their bodies and Doug, who oozes self-confidence, shows exactly how to do it.

Love the art work! 

Although I didn't show many of the pages, Doug does tell us who he allows to hug him and why.  

Just ask!  So simple. Can easily be practiced right then and there!

I found this book at Barnes & Noble and am so glad I did. It's a really fun book...not preachy at all. The "lesson" doesn't overpower the story. It's presented so matter-of-factly which is appreciated. I hope you love this book and find it as valuable as I do!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Picture Book Reviews

A few posts ago, I mentioned I was giving quick picture book reviews in my feed and on my stories over at Instagram.

Here are some examples of books I highlighted over the last few days.  Just click to play here.

First one up: 

Here's a cute free poem, The Bunny Hokey Pokey, that you could use with this book. Click on pic.

Next one is Peter Easter Frog:

Next up, I am the Longest Dog:

Here's a book, Dig In,  that was only one slide so just a picture. I'd love to use this with a guided reading group. Not a new book but one I just discovered.

Finally, a new Harry book!  I was shocked to see it! 

How much do I love Harry?  I actually have a free product in my store.  Click on pic to get it.

I'm about to do a whole bunch on Earth Day/Spring as well as just some books I found that I really enjoyed.  Been playing with the format but, going forward, they'll look like the Bunnies on the Bus and Harry Videos and will cap off between 15-30 seconds.

Any feedback to share?  I'm all ears!

Thanks so much!

Monday, February 1, 2021

Fabulous February Freebies!

Feel free to send these Freebies home with your students if you're still teaching remotely.  

First up, this adorable craft which I just updated. It makes a cute display.

The update? Added a simple "I love you to pieces!" with NO NAME. Perfect for preschoolers.

One of my favorite math games is Clear the Board.

It comes in a 2-6 and a 2-12 Board.  Great to reinforce Subitizing Dice Dots and adding,  Sooooo simple to play and kids love it!  Quick!


See this post about my thoughts on making Valentine Boxes in school.  If you don't have the time, use my letter to send home! Easy breezy! I also have a quick video showing me making a box on that link.

I also offer two free Valentine Poems to share,

If interested in my paid product of February Poems, you can click on the picture below. Topics include

*Groundhog Day
*Valentine's Day
*100th Day of School
*Presidents' Day
*Dental Health
*Mardi Gras

Poems are such an awesome way to practice fluency and reinforce sight words. I use Poetry Binders in my classroom and send them home once a week.  I ask kids to fill out a simple form and return the next day.  You can grab a FREE recording form by clicking on picture below.

If you're looking for some other February Themed lessons, you may want to check these out: