Saturday, September 4, 2021

Henry at Home Picture Book Review

Henry at Home is such a fantastic Back-to-School book. Truly a lovely, realistic story that will resonate with a lot of little ones. (I highly recommend for K-2.)

Henry, at first, has a hard time adjusting and is angry that Liza went on to Kindergarten without him. How will he swing with no one to push him? But he does manage to pump his feet and discovers his own independence.

I love how the author, Megan Maynor, keeps it real. After Henry adjusts to the change, he still misses Liza BUT also sometimes wishes she could go away and leave him alone.

The illustrations, by Alea Marley,  are adorable and they capture this sweet sibling relationship perfectly. It's a terrific read-aloud and perfect for not only Back-to-School, but for Family (transitions) and Friendship units.

This will be a must-read first day of school book for me.  I predict this is going to be a major player in the book world.  It should be! 

Can I share two fun products I just posted in my store?  I was so excited to make this Affirmation Station last week and hang it up in my classroom. 

I've used my Rock the Rug rules for years in my classroom.  Although we have our Responsive Classroom rules, I find carpet rules to be a must for my First Graders.  Take a peek!

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