Sunday, September 5, 2021

Put a LIttle Magic In The New School Year (Freebies!)

Who couldn't use a little extra magic this year?  Our students have had a very long couple of years and for many of my First Graders, this year will be their first school experience.  I want to make it extra special and exciting for them and this Magic Play Doh is perfect for kicking off the year!  Grab the freebie by clicking on the pic.

I make these magic balls at home. Easy recipe included and you only need a few ingredients. Recipe in download.

After making the clay, I roll it into small balls and load them into a ziploc to bring to school. 

Once at school, usually on a prep, I add the food coloring to each one and then put in individual baggies for the kids.  (If you add food coloring too early, it dries up a bit and is harder to mix.) When they get back from their special, I pretend that someone left the basket of strange white balls and read the poem several times.  We figure out together that we're supposed to squish the balls and make a wish. So...we make a wish then we let the squishing begin!

Kids CANNOT take out the playdoh until I say it's okay (no clumpy food coloring left.)

Once fully mixed, we play with it. (Make shapes, initials, etc.) When finished, the clay goes back into a sealed baggie and I staple a mini poem on it . I send it home. The kids really love this activity.  Although I do it the first day of school, you can do it anytime of year.

I've included a SIMPLE class booklet as well.  Pick which sheet is best for your students. They love revisiting this book often.

This next product isn't mine but I love these mini posters so much and thought you would too. Click on them to get the freebie.

I also love this small watervolor sign. It also comes in green and blue. I hung one on my class door and in each cubby so the kids will see it while unpacking. I'll take a picture of them when I go to school this week. Again, click on pic to get the freebie.

And the last freebie I want to share is an easy, QUICK way to see progress. I end up sending both home the last day for the parents to see and treasure for years to come.

Here's hoping we ALL have a magical year!

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