Sunday, September 12, 2021

Welcome to My Classroom Part 1

A peek into my classroom during the first two days of school:

Don't all First Graders love dinosaurs?  Next week, kids will finish "I think First Grade will be Dino-Rific because..." and I'll add their writing under their names. While most kids will write their response, a few children will most likely choose to draw and color in their response. Choice is important.

Sharkey Mullarkey was a gift to me from my Second Grade class years ago when my first book (about the beach) came out. It used to be in my foyer, then used by our pool and now, I think it's found its forever home right ourside my classroom.

I'm going to shrink the odd/even posters that I got for free on TpT so I can fit a free Friends of Ten poster. Do you see those magnetic "dice" on the board? I work on having kids memorize the dice dots so they don't have to count them when we play games this year. Subitizing practice is always a must and dice dots should be included.

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a Target giftcard for my birthday so I bought this lightboard.
Not sure how I'll use it but for now, I love it!

You can see in the other pictures that I have books all over my classroom. If interested in learning HOW EASY it is to organize your library, watch THIS VIDEO.

If you need to get more books in your library, I can help you! Check out this video.

I'm in a new classroom ths year. It is at least 3 times the size of my old one. I cannot believe the storage. For first time, I have a large coat/cubby room, water fountain/sink in classroom, a HUGE bathroom with another sink, and a TON of storage. This is WAY more than I had in my other room and this is only about 1/3 of the storage in my current room that I'm showing you. My Affirmation Station is new. Do you say affirmations with your students? Lots of power in those words!

I love how I do my jobs. If interested to hear how I implement this EASY program, watch this video.

Magic Play Clay available for FREE in my store! Can do anytime of the year!

Although I had two great days with my students, it was EXHAUSTING! (I've been on medical leave the last 18 months.) I was glad for Saturday to roll around!

Hope your year got off to a super start!

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