Monday, February 27, 2017

March Madness, Monsters and Jury Duty!

I love March Madness and in the world of college basketball, the march to the madness is is full swing! As a huge Syracuse Basketball fan, I just discovered the Twitter Account Titanic Hoops which cracks me up...everything is better with a little Titanic Music, isn't it? CLICK ON PIC to see what I mean! (Couldn't embed)

Had jury duty today but just sat there...not one of us was called.  I'd rather be in school BUT I did get my new math games posted!  I'm excited to use one of the games to practice Balanced Equations tomorrow! 

I'm offering for 50% off for he first 48 hours! 21 games in color and BW aimed at First Graders. A good deal!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

QR Code for Valentine's Day Freebie!

Just made it!  Hope you can use it and the generic recording sheet I created for QR Codes...just to hold kids accountable!  When parents see it, I hope it generates a bit of discussion at home. I always look for ways to start the conversation at home I think this is a fun and SIMPLE way to do it. Enjoy!

If looking to support this book a little more with a few activities, check out THIS POST.  Have a super day!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Freebie Pick-a-Prompts

My colleagues and I love using these...a nice break from our Calkins' Units.  (Which we also love!)  

Hope your kids like like these as much as ours! Three prompts included perfect for Read Across America in just a few short weeks!  Enjoy!

Pick-a-Prompt (Freebie Writing Prompts)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tek The Modern Cave Boy

Image result for tek the modern cave boy

What an adorable book designed to look like an iPad! Tek is a cave boy who can't seem to unplug from his Game Box, TV, phone, and tablet.  It's tech all day and all night.  So engrossed in technology, he never ventures outside to see what the world has to offer!  Ice Age?  He missed it!  

Your kids will gasp when you read: "He never even learned his dinosaur names, identifying them as a Whatchacallitasaurus, a Hoozdatasaurus, or a Flying Idontgiveadactyl."  Mine sure did!  

Eagle eyes will surely notice the iPad battery getting lower and lower...

What a FUN book!  My husband (a media specialist) lent it to my class and it lived up to his hype.  Can't get the book?  No problem!  

READ ALOUD: Tek The Modern Cave Boy

I loved it so much, I want to share this FREEBIE Book It with you!  Enjoy!