Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tek The Modern Cave Boy

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What an adorable book designed to look like an iPad! Tek is a cave boy who can't seem to unplug from his Game Box, TV, phone, and tablet.  It's tech all day and all night.  So engrossed in technology, he never ventures outside to see what the world has to offer!  Ice Age?  He missed it!  

Your kids will gasp when you read: "He never even learned his dinosaur names, identifying them as a Whatchacallitasaurus, a Hoozdatasaurus, or a Flying Idontgiveadactyl."  Mine sure did!  

Eagle eyes will surely notice the iPad battery getting lower and lower...

What a FUN book!  My husband (a media specialist) lent it to my class and it lived up to his hype.  Can't get the book?  No problem!  

READ ALOUD: Tek The Modern Cave Boy

I loved it so much, I want to share this FREEBIE Book It with you!  Enjoy!

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