Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Playing Possum Picture Book (Perfect Back-to-School Book)

Each year, I have anxious kids enter my class and can instantly see that, because of their anxiety, they struggle to make friends. 

Often, these children don't even know how to go about it. 

Playing Possum, written and illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhart, is a must-have book for your classroom library that features two very anxious- and adorable- main characters.
Playing Possum Picture Book
I just discovered this on the NEW BOOK shelf at the library.  The cover's illustrations drew me in and I'm so happy I picked up the book.
Playing Possum Picture Book

Playing Possum Picture Book


Playing Possum Picture Book

Playing Possum Picture Book


Playing Possum Picture Book

Another book that deals with anxiety is the magnificent After the Fall. Truly a wonderful book and one that ALL kids can identify with.

For some reason, many of my friends didn't see the anxiety connection.  That's a reminder that sometimes anxiety is so well hidden but it's there.  It may not manifest in obvious ways but in the case of Humpty, he wasn't able to enjoy the things he did in the past.  

It's such a lovely book.  Powerful.  Subtle.  

I simply cannot understand how this did not win the Caldecott Award.  It's that good.  

I created two packets in my store to support the book if interested. 

The first one is smaller (and at $2, cheaper.  BUT it's INCLUDED in the second packet so no need to purchase both if interested.)

Smaller one:

Larger Packet in store:

And I like to add that no one needs ANY materials to go along with a book.  I just make them for my own class from time to time and offer them in case an extension is needed for others as well.

Happy reading!

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