Saturday, November 7, 2015

SAT Humor and Half Off Christmas Clip Art Set

My son is taking the test as I write this. I'm 150 miles away and wanted to be sure he had everything set last night.  "Get out your calculator, ID and ticket." He texted me this pic.  At first, I almost flipped out when I saw that calculator in the tiny text...

Until I enlarged pic...Then I couldn't stop laughing.  
That's his third grade ID.  :)

Side note: See my lovely granite counter?  Well, it's a fake!  It was white Formica a few years ago until I bought a kit and "turned it into" GRANITE!  Unless you touch it, you can't tell!  Even the town assessor marked it as such until I told him it wasn't.  Not bad for $149 for my entire kitchen counters!

Did you know there are only 47 days until Christmas?  Grab these 45 png images for only $2 this weekend!

Christmas Kids Clip Art by Dandy Doodles
Half price this weekend! 



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