Monday, October 10, 2022

Spooktacular October Crafts

So many crafts, so little time! Unless it's QUICK or supports the curriculum in a meaningful way, I'll pass. Here are some that made their way into my October/Fall classroom this year.

Creepy Pair of Underwear has been a favorite the last few years. The writing activity that goes along with the craft is related to Jasper's saying: "I'm not a little baby anymore." It also ties in beautifully with my The Power of Yet theme in my class. The kids aren't the only ones who love making Jasper and his creepy underwear. I get a kick out of these every year. Fun!

Aren't these bats and pumpkins adorable? They are from this TpT Seller. What I love: I can use the editible template to make my own math problems. Most students solved "Add 1 more" and "add 2 more'" but a few solved addition to 20 problems.  They solved the problems one day and colored them in. The next day, they made them. The Pumpkin was super quick. The bat has more cutting but a pretty fast craft too.  (In her packet, she also has a cute ghost.)

The Fall banners have a small writing activity on them and look sweet around the room.  The best part? They are FREE from this seller. I sprinkle around the room but you can also string them together.
NOTE: I don't know either seller above. I use their products and wanted to share.

A 5 minute crafts that also looks adorable and supports Fire Prevention Week?  Yes please! 

I do put out some simple OPTIONAL crafty type activities during Friday centers and we usually make something Spooktacular during our Halloween party.

This week during centers, I have a cute paper color/cut/glue craft that my husband found recently. And it's FREE. Check back to see it on Friday...if the kids pick it.

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