Sunday, October 2, 2022

Happy Fall, Me Hearties Bulletin Board and Freebies

Instead of making a full-sized Welcome Back Bulletin Board like I usually do, I decided to make a much smaller one using poster board. The kids love it so much and touch their names when they enter the room. Some say they make a quick wish. :)  Although September's "Welcome Back" time is over, I wanted to keep this so I switched out the greeting.  Cute?

I love to have my door area welcoming to staff, students, and parents. 

You can only see a small part of my actual door, but it gives an idea as to what I put on it.

Aren't these Hipster Dog adorable? Grab them in Hanging in Mrs. Hulsey's store for free.

This is just one of many posters included in Victoria Saied's product. Grab it! I have this poster in a few spots in my room including the class bathroom! 

This poster comes in pink/orange tones and blue/green tones from Array of Sunshine. I love, love, love it! I do reduce it and cut it out. Not only is it on my door, but I put it in each cubby so the kids are reminded of the sentiment when they see it.

If you'd like to make the bulletin board for yourself, here is John's Clip Art.  Click the pic to grab it.  I may put the whole thing in my store but not sure of interest.  Either way, you can easily make it yourself for FREE!

And since there's a good chance that there are some sharks in these waters, don't forget to download this free SNEAKY SHARK Clear the Board math game that is perfect for k/1 students!

I start this week off with Back-to-School Night! Have a great week!

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