Monday, October 3, 2022

Adult Books I've Been Reading

Here are the books I've read since July.  I belong to BOTM Club which I LOVE!  My sister and I make sure we pick different books so we swap our books eventually.  I buy SOME books but also get a lot from the library. Hey- in these times, you can't beat FREE! Maybe you'll fins something here!

I love every book by Fiona Davis that I've read. Historical Fiction. Master storyteller. Compelling!

This was one my sister grabbed from BOTM.  Fun! Fluffy summer read.

I thought I'd love this.  Many do.  I did not.  (I don't like to blast books but if you 
want my insights, happy to chat via email.

I like Taylor's books. If you're into tennis, I'd imagine a must read. 

Fiona Davis again. I heart her!

I had this at 4 stars. Reduced. Don't want to say any spoilers so I'll keep mouth shut!

I'm late to Kristin Hannah books! I LOVED this.  Listened to it. 
Have thoughts though. Would love to discuss with someone!

I loved 90% of this book.  I mean, I was LOVING it.  The writing. Plot. I was really sucked in.  I HATED the last 20% of book.  Yep. Hated.  So I'm not even sure if I really want to keep that rating. I was so so so disappointed in the last 20% and would love to discuss in comments.

I never read anything by Adrian McKinty. I really liked this. Was shocked by some scenes. But loved. Very suspenseful and is soon to be a Hulu series.

LOVED! I know it's old but there were 124 holds ahead of me at the library and I was patient! The sequel, It Begins With Us is coming out this month! Yippee!

My BOTM Club pick last month. Fun! Enjoyed! Especially since I am almost that certain age, too!
This was either a Reese or GMA pick and as soon as I heard it was a pick of the month, put on reserve. I was only hold 2 so got it fast. I didn't know what to expect going in and I really liked it a lot!

It was okay. I told my sister to skip it. So many others on our lists!

Finished LISTENING to this on Friday. LOVED IT! A miserable cast of characters which usually makes me NOT like a book but this was a traditional "whodunit" and each chapter was another layer revealed. Loved the ending.
So....I really can't recall much about this book but looks like I liked it.  Maybe that's a review in itself!

This is so popular but I didn't like too much. I had many issues BUT 
I think I should have read instead of listened to this one.

This was either a Reese or GMA pick. Good but a bit confusing until you get used to the format.

I use such a SIMPLE FREE app to keep track of my books. You can scan your barcode and it uploads the books for you to rate if you want. You can keep track of books, movies, TV shows, etc. I THINK you may be able to have it public but I don't.  I've had a few apps but the simplicity of this one won me over. Head over to the App Store and download. 

If interested, here are Five More Adult Books I posted about a few months ago. A few are all-time favorites!

Happy reading!

P.S. My awesome friend, Patti, got me my first BOTM 3 month subscription right before I was scheduled for my first surgery. It was such a sweet, thoughtful and much appreciated gift.  Keep BOTM Club in mind if you're looking for a gift for someone too.

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