Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Elmer's Adhesive Spray: Problem Solved

Do you have cinder block or rough surface walls in your classroom that NOTHING sticks to?  Problem solved! Get yourself some Elmer's Adhesive Spray. It's amazing!

Nothing has stuck to that dimply steel door. Ever!  I've used almost every kind of tape/mounting tabs you can think of. The leaves would fall within a minute or two. Even my tried and true Scotch mounting tabs failed me on this surface.

How well does Elmer's Spray Adhesive work? These leaves have been up for almost two months without a single flitter flutter to the floor!

What to know:

1. While it works amazing, it DOES have a very strong odor. That door leads to a courtyard and I'm glad I could spray it outside when kids weren't in room.  I wouldn't use with kids around. Once item hung up though, no lingering odor.

2. The back is so tacky, be careful you don't get it on you. Yes, it comes off but took a few rigorous scrubs with a towel to get off hands.  BUT- I wasn't being careful. Now when I use it, no problem. I'm just extra careful.

3. I've had luck repositioning an item when I'm using it. That's a plus!

4. Items removed easily from all surfaces. No ripping or tearing AND it doesn't leave any residue behind. That was a relief! 

Shop around for best pricing!

Have you used it? Planning on it? Let me know how it works for you.

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Happy hanging!

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