Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Which One Doesn't Belong (Kindergarten Edition)

Been promising this for what seems like forever but with a recent nudge from a buyer of my First Grade product, I finally finished my NO PRINT Kindergarten version of Which One Doesn't Belong Open-Ended Questions.  A great way to add rigor and relevance to your classroom.

On sale for next week!

This set is a bit different from the First Grade Set as I don't offer any paper versions here.  I didn't feel it would enhance the product for Kindergarten.  However, I increased the slides from 40ish to 80.  Yep, EIGHTY!  And I added an ELA component.  You can do two slides a week for the school year!

I use these in my classroom all the time for Do-Nows, Math Talks, large and small group discussions and when the kids ask for them...which is quite often!

I think they love them so much because there are so many possible answers for each one.  Things that I didn't think of myself.  It's always a proud moment when they make a connection that was lost to me.

To see how I used the First Grade packet in my classroom (VIDEO!) and to get some free ones, click on this link.  


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