Monday, March 9, 2020

Kids Extra Chatty? Problem Solved!

Once February rolls around, the kids always seem to be extra chatty and they're feeling perhaps a wee bit too comfortable with each other.  That's when I break out SECRET STUDENT that I found for free on TpT from Teach Create Motivate.

Does it work?  YOU BETCH'A!!!


Everyone does their own version of Secret Star and here's mine that truly has turned my little ones back into the quiet students they were in September.

1. I print out several of the tiny slips and keep in a spot kids can see.

2. Whenever I go to walk in the hallway, start Stamina Reading, am about to start Math Centers, etc., I simply say, "SECRET STAR" and the class falls silent.  Then I act VERY official and scan the room several times with a clipboard in my hand.  I tell them that I'm picking a girl AND a boy to be the SECRET STAR.

3. After the period ends, I let them know IF the Secret Stars earned the certificate.  If they DO, they both get the slip, write names on back of it, and then put it in jar for a DRAWING on Friday afternoon.  (If one or both DO NOT earn it because they were talking/unfocused, then I DO NOT say who it was. It remains my little secret.)

4. On Friday afternoon, I pull out ONE name and they win a PRIZE that I picked up from the Dollar Tree.  (The prizes are cheap but always look amazing...I know what cheap junk they love!)

5. I pass out all the slips from the jar so the kids can show their parents that they were one of the Secret Stars from the week.

That's it!  SO EASY and it's been two months and it's still going strong.

Do I let kids win more than once?  YEP.  Does everyone get name in Friday jar?  NOPE.  Do some kids get their names in the jar multiple times?  YEP.  I always make sure EACH child has had the opportunity to be Secret Star.  It's up to them to earn it though.

Is it Responsive Classroom?  No.  And we are a huge RC school.  But it works.  And the kids need a bit of motivation this time of the year.  And it's the only type of prize I ever give away.

If your kids are a bit rambunctious lately and you have a buck to spare, give it a try!

Good luck!

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