Sunday, March 8, 2020

Place Value Activities I use NOW for EOY Review

We go to school until late June but we give our end-of-the year assessments in May.  It seems to creep up on us each year and we find ourselves cramming math review in.  That test is TOUGH and in First Grade, unless you're constantly reviewing the concepts, the kids forget them.  Fast.

We finished Place Value last month but does that mean we put away those materials for a bit to make way for the new materials we need to teach current skills?  NOPE!  We can't afford to. We often use new materials to refresh older concepts.

Here's what I whipped up now for center review.  My kids will use these during Math With Self and Math With Partners.  I'll also sneak hem in during Morning Do-Nows and throughout the day when possible.  For the rest of the year.  Yep.  Have to!


Task Cards!  So many activities!  Answer Keys included so kids can self-correct.


I've just uploaded to my TpT Store at a 40% discount for 48 hours. So that means you'll get all the above for just $3.00.  A good deal!

There are 14 different Place Value games/activities to keep your students engaged and reviewing the skills that are sure to pop up on testing again.  Since I include materials up to 120 and then up to 1000, there is plenty of room for differentiation.

If you have any tips on preparing for EOY testing, I'm all ears!

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