Sunday, March 15, 2020

BOXITECTS: Great Stem / Strong Females Book

STEM / STEAM / Strong Female character book seekers: BOXITECTS is a must! What a fun, FABO, book written and illustrated by Kim Smith.


Meg, the Boxitect, goes off to Maker School. She is quite the creative girl! ⁣

She loves meeting all the Blanketeers, Tin-Foilers, and Egg-Cartoners (Tee hee hee!) who admire her over-the-top creations.

She was the only Boxitect in class until...⁣ Simone shows up. Another Boxitect.

It does not go well! ⁣

What a fun book with such lively, detailed illustrations. I first saw it at Barnes & Noble last month and immediately put a hold on it in my library. ⁣

After rereading it a second time, I know that Boxitects is now a must-buy for me. ⁣

Bonus: At the end, has simple experiment to try and shows how to build a tunnel and a castle.
If you know someone K-2...possible 3rd grade too (I say yes!) then shoot them this link so they can see what the fuss is about or at least be sure to fill them in on this awesome book.

Edited to add:  I made an STEAM/ELA activity packet to support the book.  Take a peek!

Happy reading!

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