Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Affirmation Station

I'm a big believer in Positivity over Negativity! And there is such an easy way to help foster a positive classroom: an Affirmation Station!


What Are Affirmations?

  • They are short phrases that are positive and empowering.
  • They boost a child's self-esteem, confidence, and foster a can-do attitude. A great way to introduce Growth Mindset!
  • When you say affirmations often enough, they shape your reality.
  • You can say them anywhere and it only takes a few minutes a day to feel the positive effects.

How to Use My Affirmation Station

  • Set up an area in your room where you have affirmations visible for the kids to read. I use a mirror but a bulletin board or simply a wall works fine.
  • I tape affirmations around a mirror for the kids to say when they want. Some kids stop by daily. When I introduced the affirmations, we said them together after lunch for a month straight before kids could do so independently. 
  • You can print out cards and give to kids so they can say them at desks or some where more private if needed.
  • Print out and send home a few a day to have kids share with families. 
  • By request, I printed out extra sets for some of my students who said them each morning at their desks after arrival AND I had two requests from parents last year to send home so they could create their own at home. (I'm fine with you sharing this with families. I encourage you to!) 
  • Although I continued to say as a class each day, there were days I would include them in Do-Nows or in center rotations.
  • This resource includes editable affirmations so I did switch out when an opportunity presented itself. For example, after reading the wonderful book The Thing Lou Couldn't Do, we switched out one for the included "I am determined" and typed up one that said, "I have grit."
These also come in black and white so you can print on any color paper you'd like to match your classroom. There is also a separate EDITABLE file so you can add specific affirmations you may want for your students.

Affirmations Included: 

✿ I am smart.
✿ I am clever.
✿ I am brave.
✿ I am loved.
✿ I am positive.
✿ I am talented.
✿ I am confident.
✿ I am amazing.
✿ I am persistent.
✿ I am caring.
✿ I am polite.
✿ I am unique.
✿ I am wise.
✿ I am friendly.
✿ I am fun.
✿ I am empathetic.
✿ I am responsible.
✿ I am respectful.
✿ I am assertive.
✿ I am flexible.
✿ I am honest.
✿ I am grateful.
✿ I am present.
✿ I am helpful.
✿ I am cheerful.
✿ I am inspiring.
✿ I am generous.
✿ I am creative.
✿ I am focused.
✿ I am eager.
✿ I am patient.
✿ I am interesting.
✿ I am reliable.
✿ I am independent.
✿ I am happy.
✿ I am nice.
✿ I am determined.
✿ I am successful.
✿ I am awesome.
✿ I am in control.

Between my Affirmation Station and My Power Of Yet Bulletin Board, I feel like I'm starting off the year ready to jump in and amp up not only my students' confidence in tackling new situations but the belief that they WILL succeed.  

Have a great day!

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