Friday, July 21, 2023

Using Crowns and Headbands In My Classroom

I'm a crown and headband kind of girl!  Always have been! When I was little, it wasn't really dress-up without a tiara or two on my head! My love of headbands and crowns has extended to the classroom. I use them monthly and invite other optional opportunities for kids to make and bring home.

Why Use Crowns and Headbands In Your Classroom?

  • a quick, easy, yet meaningful "hat" that highlights a specific day or holiday to celebrate
  • an activity that promotes classroom community and school spirit
  • perfect for a quick Do-Now as kids arrive in the morning
  • reinforce curriculum
  • helps kids practice fine motor skills with coloring and cutting
  • sparks conversations in class and at home which strengthens the home-school connection

How To Make Crowns and Headbands

  • print out the crown you want 
  • use crayons or markers to color in the crown
  • cut out
  • glue onto a sentence strip and size to head
  • staple it

I use 2-3 crowns a month BUT I often out out the ones I didn't use during centers that kids can make and take home if they want. For example, we celebrated coding in September in school and I did a lesson on it but I didn't offer a crown to make. Some kids picked it during centers and brought it home to make while a few decided to make it in school.  

I've packed lots of crowns into each monthly packet. The best part? Many of them can be used ANY time of the year! Gotta love that!


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