Thursday, July 20, 2023

Scholastic News: A Must Have!

Do you subscribe to Scholastic News? I'm lucky that our school pays for the subscription for all of our First Grade classes. If I didn't have it and it wasn't in the budget, I would see if your PTO could purchase a subscription or earmark a fundraiser for it.  It's that good!

What is Scholastic News?

  • It's a weekly "magazine" that features timely non-fiction topics that support your curriculum. It's always engaging and I love the way it builds and reinforces nonfiction reading skills. Here are Grades 1-5 recent topics.

  • You get 4 issues delivered in a bundle each month. Some months are combined which makes sense. That's 32 issues a year. I think it's a really good deal BUT it still costs around $5-6 per student. So it's not like a teacher could purchase a class subscription on their own.
Here are the themes listed for next year.

While I've always loved the content, it wasn't until two years ago that I fully took advantage of everything it has to offer which includes the digital content.

What's included in Scholastic News:


  • A magazine for every student (4 sides total. Just the right size for First Graders.)
  • Lesson Plans/Ideas to implement/discuss
  • Printable activity sheets which I never used until a few years ago.  


  • The news accessible on any device
  • Nonfiction videos that are always spot-on
  • Read-Aloud Audio Option which I use
  • Interactive activity Sheets
  • Games
  • Back Issues which I do access. Sometimes videos are the same but often can get short videos that are so well made on a specific topic.

This is what the online version looks like:

For a long time, I simply read the magazine to the kids and discussed it. But a few years ago, after a lot of nudging from my colleague, I discovered the online version and WOW! A great news "magazine" was made even better. (Thanks, Jane!)

How I Use With My First Graders:

Fridays: I share the online version with the kids. This usually takes 30 minutes by the time I introduce the vocabulary, listen to it online (as it highlights each word) watch the video, do the "dance break" offered, and the learning game that is part of it.  No matter the topic, we always learn SO MANY interesting facts! 

Here is my favorite one from this year:

An example of the vocabulary. You click it and it defines the word then asks class to say the word together.

I will definitely do this one again next year.  Truly inspiring!

After We Read On Fridays:

  • On Monday or Tuesday, I pass out the extension pages that I make into a booklet  Then I allow the students to work together OR work independently on completing the pages. While most want to work with a partner, I usually have 3-5 that prefer to work alone.

The kids are so engaged and take this seriously. It's a great way to reinforce so many skills as they work.

Here is a free online sample that you can see for yourself.  

And in case you are wondering, I don't know anyone there and don't benefit in any way at all if you sign up.  I just wanted to share a product I truly love!


  • The only thing I'd change that I find really annoying is that you have to print our each PDF worksheet separately.  Why not just have them all together? It would save time. The way it is, I have to open up onw page, print. Then go to next, etc. 
  • It seems like my district renews late each year. We usually don't get the print versions of first set until late September. Since you need a code to log on, it's annoying. We are at the mercy of our secretaries. just know that if they received your P.O., they will give you the code even if they haven't sent out the printed copies yet. Just call and ask. 
  • I know Second and Third grade teachers who are equally happy and my sister teaches Middle School and uses that version which she loves. I believe it's called SCOPE.
Enjoy! Let me know if you use Scholastic News in your class and what you think?

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