Saturday, June 11, 2022

THIS is the Playlist You Need For Your Classroom

Did you know that the first five minutes of each school day is critical for establishing or deepening connections with our students? Even after you've built that strong community, you must nurture it to ensure it continues to thrive. 

The second I step outside into the hallway and see my kids coming toward me in the hall, I'm ready to greet each one by name and make a quick connection like, "Did you win your game last night?' or "Today's Friday. Pancake Day for your family! What kind did you have?" 

Yep- even short interactions foster that community spirit.

Then, they enter my classroom and I have this playlist on in the background while they're unpacking and chit chatting with each other for 5-7 minutes before they start their Do-Now. 

 Isn't it such an easy way to continue the community building?  

I also play it during snack, dismissal, and times when they request it. Does belting out the above songs really strengthen our classroom community?

YOU BETCHA! Music is so powerful whether you are 1 or 100 years old. 

I hope you can use this for your class. Do you have any songs you'd like to see added? Any songs that resonate with you and your class? Let me know!

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