Saturday, February 15, 2020

3 New Playlists for Your Classroom

Do you need some Instrumental Writing Workshop Music (Think Beatles! Queen! Sting! Simon & Garfunkel and another playlist for Broadway Instrumental songs!) or Disney Fun & Funky Dance Music (often remixes!) that's appropriate yet perfect for Brain Breaks? I just created the following playlists.  Follow me on my new Spotify account so you can access my latest playlists for school that are totally appropriate for your kids.

If you don't have Spotify and wondering if it's worth it, I say YES!  I pay premium so I don't have any commercials and can control 100% of what I listen to.  I was paying $9.99 a month but just upgraded to the family plan for around $15 a month.  If it fits into your budget, I'd say go for it!

And if you're looking for any paper for your Writing Workshop, this may fit the bill!

Hope your class enjoys the playlist as much as my kids do!

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