Monday, February 17, 2020

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today is officially Random Acts of Kindness Day!  Are you looking for the perfect book to share with your class about Random Acts of Kindness? Look no further! I so wish we were in school today to read this but you can bet I'll be reading Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson and illustrated by Fumi Kosaka first thing in the morning.  It's an awesome read for ANY day of the year!

I discovered this book years ago because my very first book, Splashing by the Shore, was published by the same company.  (Gibbs Smith.) 

Mary is just having an ordinary day until she picks some blueberries for her neighbor.  Her small act of kindness sets off a chain reaction.  I love the way it all circles back to Mary!  This is a very special book and one that I truly love reading to my class.  The class loves seeing the story unfold and predicting what will happen next.

Last year, there was a sequel which I haven't yet read but it once again highlights how showing positivity and kindness comes back to you.  

I always read Mary and then show this video which makes me CRY each and every time I show it.  I show it a few times this week and then a few more times before school gets out. It's a bit hokey (especially the part where they put a quarter into teh meter..but there isn't any car parked there!)  but I'm hokey too.  I really love, love, love it!  Hits home how just one act of kindness can inspire you to pass it on.  You never know what will transpire just because you are kind to someone or smile at them.

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