Sunday, June 16, 2019

PSA: See Something? Say Something!

In my case, it isn't the NY Subway commercial I'm talking about...Nope.  This has to do with the big C.  Cancer.  After not having my period for two years, one night, it magically reappeared for a few days.  It was exactly one month after my mom passed away and my first split second thought was to blame it on the stress I had been dealing with for six months.

Since it was the most stressful time in my life, it made sense.  But I also Googled three seconds later and read that it was the Number 1 sign of Uterine Cancer.  However, in the next sentence, it did say that 90% of cases turned out to be non-cancerous.  I was hoping I was in the 90%.  Nope.

I had surgery (Full hysterectomy) on April 9th and a week later, I found out that I was cancer-free!  No chemo or radiation needed.  Going into the surgery I did know that there are TWO types of Uterine cancer and I did have the "better" one.  Coming out of surgery, I also knew that my sentinel node was clear. So I was expecting good news with fingers crossed.

Anyway, two things:

1. I am shocked how many people I've shared this story with that have bled from time to time long after periods have stopped and didn't get it checked out.  Don't be that person.  Go.  Chances are, it's a polyp.  I'm glad I made an immediate appointment.  My oncologist said that Uterine cancer gives signs/warnings unlike Ovarian.  My ONLY sign was the above and two weeks later spotting one night.

2. If in the NJ area and you find yourself in a similar situation, let me know and I'll help you out in any way I can starting with sharing my Drs. name who trained at Sloan. She was an oncologist/surgeon which is n't that common and her staff was top-notch! Within 45 minutes, I had to appointments books for consultations and I already knew I'd be going with her.  (When I called, I was crying and in such shock, I couldn't speak.  The receptionist kept saying: "Take your time,  I have all day.  We got this.  This is why people come to us.  Breathe."  It took me EIGHT minutes to get out my name and phone number.  Seriously.  Know someone having a hysterectomy? Give them this GREAT SITE: Hystersisters.  Seriously.  Who knew?

After six weeks recovering at home, I went back to school and my Firsties on May 23.  I feel good.  Tired.  Very tired but it is the end of the year.

Here's wishing YOU good health and remember: If you see something, say something and get thee to a doctor! STAT!


  1. Lisa,

    What does PSA stand for? Thanks for sharing this story. I am walking the ground on which you once trod...


  2. Public Service Announcement. I'm sorry you are going through this, Laurie. Were you just diagnosed? Waiting for results? Same type? If you want to email me, let me know. Happy to help if I can. Cancer is a scary thing but a little less scary when you meet others and hear their stories. My lifesaver was a neighbor who I rarely see/speak to. I just happened to see her at the drs. one day and our eyes caught each other. Started talking and discovered she had UC two years prior. I wasn't diagnosed yet but she gave me her number and said, "If you need the best doctor around, text me." Two months later, got the call and within 45-minutes, booked two with her doctor who I used. Hugs.


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