Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My Puppy Pal Likes (Quick Review Game!)

Here's an easy game I play often at Morning Meeting.  It's a typical review game but my goodness...ever since I added a puppy or another stuffed animal friend, the kids love it!

How to play My Puppy Pal Likes...

1. I hold a stuffed animal puppy and say, "My puppy pal like words that have a short vowel in them." or "My puppy pal likes odd numbers."  You get the idea!  Any subject/area of review works.

2. I then give an example to model for them.  "My puppy pal likes the number 7."

3. If answer correct (odd numbers here), the class gives a bark.  (NOTE: Because it's supposed to be quick, ONE bark that you practice together is best.)  If answer given was an even number such as 202, no one would bark and child tries again.

4. Then I pass the puppy pal to the next person and we continue until everyone has a turn.

Easy and fun, right?  An easy game but really gives you helpful information.  Answers that are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are as telling as those who come up with 1003, 28,287, etc.

To change it up, we play with various stuffed animals...usually one bought at Kohls.

Grab the certificates if you feel it would help generate conversation at home.  For this game, everyone would get one...no winners here!



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