Friday, June 21, 2019

Sparkle, Sparkle, Poof! (Spelling Game)

Am I the only one that JUST learned this game?  One of my Firsties taught it to me two weeks ago.  How did I miss this game?  What a fantastic way to reinforce spelling/sight words. Although late to the game, we've been having fun playing it to review our sight words before summer break.

(Note: Six months later:  I am playing this game with our sight words in view for all kids to use if needed.  After all, I want them to learn them.  But, in a few months, I'll remove sight word charts and play the game that way.  I think it will motivate them to make sure they master them before I remove them.)

The version I was taught:

1. Have kids stand in a circle.
2. I shout out one of our sight words.
3. The first person says first letter, second person says second letter, etc.
4. When word is spelled, the next player says SPARKLE.
5. The person after them says SPARKLE too.
6. The next player says POOF and is out.  They sit down.
7. Repeat with new word until only one child left.

Isn't that easy?  Fun?  But you probably already knew that! Feel free to grab the certificate by clicking picture above.  I like to send these home just so parents can have another talking point with kids.  Especially those kiddos who don't share any details about their day.

Have a good day!


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