Monday, August 6, 2018

Update: MANUKA HONEY (Problem Solved!)

If you haven't read and filed this post away, please do it now.
Go ahead.
I'll wait.  It may just save your life one day.

A few minutes ago, I watched a segment on Good Morninig America about Manuka Honey which I talk about above.  Google GMA and MANUKA and you will see the article.  Happy to say, my Manuka purchases has been real honey BUT I saw the results of the TRADER JOE brand!  HALF THE PRICE!

A steal!

I quickly ordered 6 on Amazon for some family members.  As I ordered, I saw quantities go down, down, down and limits be reduced to 4 per person.  This was all in a matter of minutes.

So I suggest you check out Amazon (22 bucks for 8 ounces!) or get yourself to TRADER JOES ASAP.  When you read the article, you'll see why TJ will have to get approval next time.  All explained.

Bottom line:  Research it.  Watch the GMA video of the Drs. using it on infants.  Keep it.  USE IT!

That's my PSA for the day!

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