Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Few Freebie Reminders...

Are you loading up your cart up for the TpT Sale?  I am!  Buying tomorrow!  Today, I concentrated on updating some products since I really can't make new ones yet. Here's one you should grab! Honestly, poems are a great way to kick off the year!  I start my poetry binders right away.

Poems are great for Daily 5, Binders, Fluency Reading, Buddy name it!

I also have these freebies which I think you might like to have at the beginning on the year:

Have you seen my Book Its?  Grab these two freebies and check them out!  I love them for a few reasons.  The first being that sometimes you just want a FEW activities to support a book.  Not a full-blown unit.  Another reason I love it (and have been getting feedback about to!) is that each packet is TERRIFIC for leaving with a substitute!  Each packet provides three meaningful activities that could take at least an hour for a sub to cover in class:  After reading the book: Make words, Retell Story (oral or written) and my favorite, Pick-A-Prompt.  Seriously, my kids LOVE them and they are lifesavers!  Download the SANDWICH SHOP and HARRY THE DIRTY DOG and see for yourself.

If you haven't read The Sandwich Swap, please, please, please check it out of the library or watch on YouTube ASAP.  The perfect book to kick off the year with that reminds us all to be tolerant of others in all ways.

Here are two new ones I recently finished that I'm planning on using at the beginning of the year:

Here's a freebie that CAN be used for the calendar but I use in my counting centers.  Have fun with it!

Although this isn't free, I think you should check it out IF you are looking for a MONTHLY memory book.  We use this each month BUT then fill in several fun pages in June.  So, it's like a combination.  Why I love it: You can see monthly progress!  Seeing September vs. June blows me away...every year!
 Can see full preview in my store.

Gotta run!  Hope you see something that would be helpful to you!  Have a great day!

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