Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dollar Tree/Kohl's Find

I get tired of the same old birthday celebrations in my classroom so this year, I'm going to snap a picture with these Photo Booth Props and post on Twitter for the parents. Maybe the birthday child can pick a friend or two...still thinking!

I found them yesterday at Dollar Tree in the birthday aisle.  For just a buck each, a fabo assortment!  I think the kids will have some fun with them! (Nice quality!)

After the Dollar Tree, I ran into Kohls and grabbed Batman!  Wahoo!  Biscuit, Pete, and Pinkalicious were available too.  My kiddos LOVE to read to their stuffed animal friends but many of my animals lean toward the girls. So, thrilled to snag two Batmans.  Could more of these characters be far behind?  Superman? Spiderman?   A teacher can only hope!

I use them for Fluency Friends.  Grab this freebie here!  Hope you can use it!  Have a great day!

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  1. Fun! I love walking through the Dollar Tree. Last time, I had my eye on some cool playing cards that would be perfect for math games. Have a wonderful year!
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