Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mildew Stains on Deck? Dirty Pool Steps? Problem Solved!

This isn't school-related but I just have to share two outdoor tips for you if you have a pool and a composite deck.  These two products are MIRACLE WORKERS!  Seriously, they rock!


First off, most people have white steps going into the pool.  These get grimy and no matter what product I've used, still look dirty.  The white is a bit textured and sunscreen and such get into the tiny groves.  When the water level fluctuates, you get the dreaded water mark, too.  Our pool is SUPER CLEAN yet when you look at the white step area, it doesn't look clean.  Almost like a ring around your tub.

Pool companies have sold me liquid cleaners that you pour on...but they pour right off and into the pool and DO NOT WORK.  After 8 years, someone suggested MR. CLEAN Magic Erasers.  In less than a MINUTE, the entire white area looks BRAND NEW!  Seriously, I almost cried after trying it for the first time.

On to the second product: Corte Clean!  The year we got our deck, it looked perfect!  Our neighbors had a three year old composite deck and came over to see if we had mold like they did.  When I saw their deck with gray specks COVERING it, I assumed they got a bad batch of decking materials. Within a year, mine got that way too.  YUCK!  We had it powerwashed (which you shouldn't do to a composite deck) and while it looked good for a week, by the second week, marks reappeared.

Then I discovered CORTE CLEAN from my cousin who owns a hardware store.  (NOTE: It is only now available online because it has a six-month expiration date. I have nothing to do with the company.  I just use their product.)  Again, it will rock your world.

After you use it, your deck will look like new for a good year IF you do a quick. light cleaning in fall as maintenance  Check out their website for specifics and a video on how to use it if interested. We used it on our top deck yesterday.  Our deck looks new today. Check them out if you've had it with your composite deck.  If you use it correctly, your deck will look like it did on DAY 1. Seriously.

I will update this post soon with pics.  For now, I just wanted to offer a solution for anyone out there desperate to find one to these two problems!

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