Monday, July 31, 2017

A Freebie Reader for You!

I've been busy working on adding items to my store and am glad I have lots of new products for the sale which is August 1-2.  I buy a ton during this sale but haven't added any new items to my shopping cart...yet!  

To celebrate the sale and thank you for reading this blog, I'm offering this Freebie to you.  Click to download from Google Drive.  (Don't go to store...only free to all of you here.) 

I know this is only a little reader but I adore it!  I wrote it last year and based it on my interaction with one of my students the day before school started.  He had his pockets stuffed with little trinkets and kept asking "Can I bring this...Can I bring that?"  He kept taking things out of his pocket at record speed.  It was like the never-ending clowns coming our of a tiny car! Here's the book if you want to preview before you download your free copy.

I have all "R" blend books available in my store.  If in need of some "R Blend" materials, check out this great bundle.  With the 25% off sale, a truly awesome bargain on an already crazy good bargain! :)

(I have "L Blend" activities, too.)

I also put up a few bulletin board packets in my store at the request of my good friend, Haritha! Here are some pics.  Each one has two versions and a simple writing prompt is included as well.  (K kids can draw a picture.)  I'm using the Dinos this year.  Last year, I used the Twinkle.

Available in pink and blue, too.

I'm off to load up my cart!  Have a great day!  For those of you who have returned to school already, here is hoping that you have a FABO year!

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