Saturday, February 14, 2015

Problem Solved!

Okay, a small problem but maybe you have the same one...

I have a bookcase behind my guided reading table.  No white board. 

I always need to write something during GR so I used to try to hold a large board that I got at Staples and teach at the same time. 

Sometimes I could sortofkindof prop it up but it didn't work out that well.  And I felt I was always blocking someone's view. 

Well, as of a few weeks ago, problem no more! I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but...VELCRO!
This is small board but I actually have FIVE boards I keep on hand, one being the large 3x2 from Staples.  I switch them out for reading groups if needed.  If I need to save something, I have the board and just quickly put back up the next time we meet.  I know it's a small problem but boy, it has made all the difference in my groups.  It's great to be able to save work with no effort. (And if I need to remind you, my room is TINY so this is really helpful!)

When my friend Brittany saw me with a group recently, she said she was going to do the same thing. "But you have a great white board behind you!" I said.  She explained that she's always erasing things from group to group., I guess the grass isn't always greener. Here she is hanging up a board.  You can see the others from her reading groups that she had used that day.

By the way, Brittany is one of those teachers that simply HAS IT!  This is her second year teaching but you'd ever know it.  Awesome teacher, colleague and friend.  But can I be old enough to be her mother? Sigh. But I digress...

Another problem solved was using Velcro to keep my eraser (gree circle) within easy reach. The "real" ones I got from Target are curved and can't be hung up so I got these make-up pads at the dollar store. Next up?  Putting Velcro on my marker so it's always where it should be when I need it.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

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