Friday, February 6, 2015

Problem Solved! My Love-Hate-now LOVE Relationship with I Have, Who Has Games

In theory, these games are terrific ways to reinforce concepts in a fun way, correct? Every time I announce we're playing at morning meeting, my kids get soooooooo excited.  I mean jump-out-of-their-seats excited.  Here's an example of what I use in my packets and then I'll tell you my Wah, Wah, Wah...struggles.  My on-going problems but also - my recent Ah-Ha moments!

Two long standing problems with the games in my room:

1. Some kids just didn't focus on their cards and someone would need to repeat, "Who has light?" ten times before the child holding it would finally say, "I have light. Who has pie?"


My fix a month ago: I started timing our games. Who doesn't love to break a record? I think the timing aspect has added to their love of the games and makes them FOCUS.

2. This is the biggie that has driven me BONKERS:

MUMMBLING THE WORDS! Lack of enunciation!
Who has lie? Who has light?

I swear, when Firsties say them, most of the time, they sound the same. The "T" seems to POOF away on light and other words. (ALL endings disappear!) 

We've talked about enunciation. Pronunciation. Every kind of 
ciation I could think of but it still didn't help.

I was ready to chuck the word versions of I Have, Who Has forever...

Until today.

Actually, yesterday since it's 4:30 in the morning!

I'm almost too embarrassed to admit this little AH-HA moment because it's so simple that I feel I should have been doing this from the start...

Drum roll please...

Have the kids SAY the word, SPELL the word, SAY the word again.

Yes. That simple. 

Yes. I feel like a fool for playing this game for five years and never doing this before. Am I the only one who didn't know this trick?

Hope my tips helped if you've shared the same struggles!  
Have a great day!

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