Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Teach Like a Champion Technique (And Freebie Clip Art!)

Last week, I wrote about the NO OPT OUT Technique from this book:

Go ahead and read what I had to say...it changed my teaching and raised my expectations even more. I'll wait.  Okay, back now?  You're a quick reader!  Great! Doesn't it seem like such a simple and easy-to-implement technique?  It is!  Promise.

Today, I want to share with you Technique #4 from the book.  FORMAT MATTERS.  

Okay, again, easy to implement.  Let's look at #1.  How many of your kids say, "My family and me or Me and my family," during sharing time? Until I read this book, I was always hesitant to correct it.  Ater all, my kiddos are 6 and 7 and sometimes I'm just so happy to get them talking and sitting still.  But, my colleagues and I decided to put an end to all that silly talk. Now, for the most part, all of our kids are saying it correctly.  That's just one example but you know what?  So glad I implemented it.  Really, when I didn't stop them at that teachable moment, I wasn't doing any of them any favors.  When I correct them, I simply tap my lips, say the correct phrase, and they know to repeat it. Works well.

Fast forward to # 3.  This reinforces what we do in responsive classroom.  I used to waste tons of time by saying things like, "We can't hear you, Sarah.  Please speak up."  That wastes A LOT of time throughout the day.  Now, a direct "VOICE" does the trick.  Do I always get the volume I want?  No. However, this simple word serves as a QUICK, GENTLE reminder of what's expected and that I think what they say is worth hearing. It has helped!

Backtracking to #2...Okay.  I'm torn here.  I totally get it but it's not always possible time-wise.  BUT, since increasing my use of this technique, I AM getting more complete sentences in their writing!  So, it's all good!

Format #2: I always used "naked numbers" but since switching, I see a deeper connect with their "math talk." When I was observed this year, I did a lesson on ten frames.  Before I started, I asked for the UNIT and wrote it on the top of the chart before I started.  Each time the kids counted, they used the unit.  (I had 4 COOKIES.  I added 3 more COOKIES.)  My fabo math supervisor commented on it and wrote it up in my report.  Of course I gave credit to having learned it from the book. (Okay, I probably learned it from a teacher like you years ago but at least I learned to implement it now through my reading!)

Thoughts?  Love to hear them.  

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