Monday, January 5, 2015

My Favorite Winter Craft

A few years ago, I bought a snowman craft from First Grade Blue Skies.  While I like to vary what I do from year to year, I just can't let these cuties go.  They're just the sweetest things ever, aren't they?  This year, I realized I had black paper up on my bulletin board so I decided to have the kids pick a color instead... (and I ditched the paint and used paper for the stripes/dots.)  I LOVE THEM!  Honestly, everyone says the same thing when they see them:  "They make me happy."  That's exactly how I feel when I pass them each day! 

Here are the ones from the past...

I put them up mid-December and they aren't coming down until February.  Can you blame me? :)

Hope your first day back was smooth sailing! 

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