Friday, January 2, 2015

A Shout Out to my Daughter...


Congratulations, Sarah! So proud of my daughter! When we started the college search last year, she wanted a small school. "The smaller the better." That changed about nine months later to wanting a HUGE school. "The bigger the better." The last school we looked at was medium sized...SYRACUSE! Honestly, it wasn't on her list at all and then she said, "I've been reading about Syracuse. Want to visit?" It was the first school that she walked on campus and simply just "knew." We all did!

I'm thrilled it's only a three hour trip...but a COLD trip! Brrrr!!!!

The college search journey has been fun mixed with a bit of stress but the end result seems like a perfect fit. And to think I get to go through this again in just two years with my son! :)

Anyone out there in the midst of college decisions? GOOD LUCK!

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