Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's a...New Student!

What do you do for a new student's arrival when you welcome him/her into your classroom community?

After I set up the child's desk, I have my kids make cards and letters and post a welcome sign by the door so it's the first thing seen by the students' family.  It's always nice to see your name front and center, isn't it?  Reassures them that I'm ready for a new student.

I assign a buddy that helps the new student unpack and "learn the ropes."  O
nce I'm sure the child feels comfortable in class- usually I wait until after lunch- we ask the child some questions.  I have pre-made questions ready.  Always insightful! 

The new student goes home with letters and cards (look at the letter that says I'm either 47 or...63!), a pencil, a picture of the "First Day" of school, and all of my newsletters to date.  

(While I send via email weekly, I print out a few copies each week just in case I get a new student. Parents seem appreciative and it saves me time having to explain everything.  I always like to write a quick email during lunch to the family in case they're worrying about their little one and I call home in the evening just to officially welcome the family and reassure them that it was a smooth start.  Lucky for me, I've always had a smooth start!  In fact, last year, I had the sweetest girl join my class.  Lovely.  When I called her up to read with me, she said, "I'm a Level H."  (For the record, she was a K.) 

I have a small packet in my store if you'd like to check it out. I couldn't resist the cute storks and I just wanted to have something at my fingertips when needed. 

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