Saturday, December 31, 2011

Martin Luther King Day Free Poem

If you teach first grade, chances are you use a lot of poems! 


My kids have poetry binders where we add new poems weekly.  Sometimes, I teach from them since they present a great opportunity to do so.  However, I make sure I give out at least two a week that are just for fun.  No lessons learned, no skills reinforced.  After all, I would hate for kids to associate poems/songs with WORK only and forget about the smiles they bring and the often fun and sometimes quirky language.  "Beating a poem to death" is a surefire way to turn kids off of them for good, huh?  I've been guilty of it in the past!    Gulp!  (But don't tell anybody!)

My students get to take their poetry binders home on Tuesdays to share with their families.  For many of them, it's their favorite part of the week.

Here is a free MLK poem.  Click on the picture to grab it.  Enjoy!

If interested in a Martin Luther King/Ruby Bridges Product, check this out.


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  2. My kindergarteners loved learning this poem this week! Thank you!!


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