Saturday, November 14, 2020

10 Thanksgiving Books Begging To be Shared

A roundup of some Thanksgiving books I've either used or just discovered and will be sharing from now on. Hoping you find one or two new ones!

Pearl and Squirrel is a new 2020 release. Not sure if there are other P & S books out there but if there isn't, there will be. I smell a series here!

FIVE STAR ALERT: The Thanksgiving Door will now be a MUST READ moving forward.  Have you read it?

An elderly couple burn their turkey and go out to the New World Cafe to eat not realizing it's closed so its new owners, immigrants, can celebrate their first holiday in America. It is so sweet and exactly what a Thanksgiving book should be. PERFECT! I'm sad that I haven't been sharing this gem with my class all these years. Reserve at the library ASAP. LOVE IT!

My kids love this each year. It makes me (and them!) feel so empowered. I really stress the repetitive phrase and throw it in a few more times. TRUE STORY: When I read it last year, a student shouted out, "You go girl!" to the MC, Sarah Hale!

I bypassed looking at this the year it was released because I already has several turkey escaping type books. Nope. Shouldn't have. NO turkeys escaping here! I sort of think it's a shame they have the word THANKSGIVINNG in the title because it could be ANY holiday and not limit the reading of this awesome book to November. 

Never get tired of this one. Love the ending. Kids crack up. Lisa Wheeler is always fun and this won't disappoint.  (Autographed copy from ages ago!)

This is a new Chloe Zoe adventure. I would share this with Prek-1.  Adorable!

John brought this home with him and I wasn't looking forward to reading it. Thought would be text heavy and over kids' heads. Wrong! Rhyming book about preparing for a Thanksgiving dinner. Liked a lot.

The parade is a part of so many of our students' lives that this will have lots of appeal. I learned some cool facts!

I like the illustrations above.  Very cute!

Enjoy! Happy Reading! If you have any thoughts about any book above, let me know! 

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