Monday, September 2, 2019

Morning Meeting Activities and Songs

This post was written for those of you who purchased my Morning Meeting Products and needed a link to a few things.  Anyone else who stops by...welcome!  Here is a week of Morning Meeting Activities for free.

As promised...

This first video is Hello, Neighbor!  Love this Morning Meeting song!  This one song can be done a few ways.  Watch!

Here is Going To Kentucky.  I say the words- Shake it, shake....etc. a bit differently here...sorry!  I tend to do this in class too!  Not sure why!  This fast-paced song is fun and since everyone gets to come into the circle, a fan favorite.

Ten Little Snowmen is included in one of my Monthly Poetry packs but I wanted to include it it one of the Morning Meeting months.  You don't need to print out but it's here if you'd like to. Click on the poem to download it now.

If you like this poem and are thinking of starting a poetry binder, click here to see a whole month of poems for free!  A few shown here.  Enjoy!

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